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because the software applications

significance. Once the weighting technique have been completed, the information decided on were

mixed in a GIS the usage of a multi-criteria modeling Technique. The Multi Criteria

Evaluation (MCE) technique lets in map layers to be weighted to reflect their relative

significance. A range of criteria on the way to affect the selection must be defined. The

criteria can be concept as facts layers for a GIS. Therefore MCE presents a framework for

exploring answers to decision-making problems.

Robert T. Vanderwerf

laments that the challenge of real estate management and facility

management is experiencing major trade. Today, technology is breaking down the

partitions of the way these responsibilities have traditionally been performed. In increasingly more

businesses enterprise practices are evolving in any such way as to combine new

technologies as in no way earlier than. (http://www.Facilitycity.Com/busfac/bf_03_05_cover2.Asp)

Up to now it is been a totally hard street for the actual property and centers professional,

relied upon had been simple point answers that did now not cowl

the complete actual property technique. Some present software was big and cumbersome, and

wasn’t especially tailored to actual property, which means it did not take care of actual estate processes

particularly properly; on top of that it became frequently very expensive and hard to apply. Existing

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