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concept of intertype relationships


Socionics has proposed a conception of intertype relationships between psychological types established on a modified variant of C.G. Jung’s idea of psychological forms. Conversation between varieties is described utilizing the notion of know-how metabolism proposed through Antoni kÄ�piÅ�ski. Socionics allocates sixteen forms of the family members â�� from most appealing and cozy as much as disputed. The working out of a nature of those family members helps to solve a quantity of problems of the interpersonal family members, including features of psychological and sexual compatibility. The researches of married couples by Aleksandr Bukalov et al., have shown that the loved ones family members put up to the laws, which are opened by socionics. The learn of socionic style allocation in casually selected married couples verified the fundamental rules of the idea of intertype members of the family in socionics.[23][24] So, the twin members of the family (full addition) make forty five% and the intraquadral members of the family make sixty four% of investigated couples.

Tradition of appreciation

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