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facts gadgets handled with the aid of a department for correct management

enquiries. Such facts can’t be effortlessly statistically analyzed to make inferences about the



1.2 Problem Statement:

With the increase in the wide variety of transactions at a department, the total workload of

the team of workers has become so massive that the organization is employing extra team of workers to handle the ever-

growing amount of paper work. There is also a legal requirement to provide distinctive

month-to-month, quarterly and annual reviews. Management additionally desires summarized statistical

facts so one can have access to all of the information pertinent to a decision. Inferential information

usually act as a tool to have a have a look at all the facts of an company in a particular,

summarized form.

Clearly, the manual gadget is insufficient for this form of work. The file system became

initially developed in reaction to the wishes of the organisation for greater green statistics

access. However, as opposed to set up a centralized store for a branch’s operational statistics,

a decentralized approach become taken, wherein each department stores and controls its own

information. This kind of system has the subsequent disadvantages:


Data is remoted making it extra difficult to access.


Most facts objects handled by using a couple of branch are duplicated in every

branch main to the wastage of time and resources.

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