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handles inquiries from customers


The sales department: liable for the promoting and renting of residences. It also

handles inquiries from customers.


The contracts department: accountable for dealing with the rent agreements

associated with the residences for lease.


The payroll branch: shops the details referring to every member of team of workers’s



The employees department: stores body of workers information.

Definition of a system:

Jerry FitzGerald


Ardra F.FitzGerald

outline a device as a network of interrelated

procedures which are joined together to perform an activity or accomplish a particular

goal. They stated that, a gadget might be categorized as being open or closed. A



is one that mechanically controls or modifies its personal operation via responding

to data generated by way of the machine itself. It seldom if ever interacts with its environment to

obtain input or generate output. (

James C.Wetherbe



open system

is one, which does not provide for its personal manipulate or amendment. It

does no longer supervise itself so it needs to be supervised by way of people.

2.1 Management Information system:

Kroenke. Hatch

defines a control statistics system as the development and use

of effective statistics systems in the agency. He adds on that an records

device is powerful if it allows to accomplish the dreams of the people and the enterprise

that use it. An

Information gadget

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