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In both structures, the reflected wave

In both structures, the refl ected wave is reconverted to an electrical sign that may be used to create an audible sound or a waveform. Ultrasonic heartbeat detectors expand the audible frequency shift sign of the lower back ultrasonic waves and deliver it to speakers or headphones; the heart fee is decided either through measuring the timing of the peaks within the Doppler sign or with the aid of the use of computerized autocorrelation procedures. Operating steps An acoustic coupling gel is spread over the pores and skin to facilitate the effi cient transmission of ultrasound waves into and out of the body. The probe is located towards the mom’s stomach. If the scanned structures are in motion, the frequency of the returning sound waves changes in share to the velocity and route of the moving systems. Fetal heart detectors expand this audible frequency trade, known as Doppler shift, and channel it to audio system or headphones. Reported troubles Although researchers haven’t begun to establish whether a signifi cant danger exists, there is some problem approximately whether publicity to ultrasonic strength at some point of diagnostic processes is safe. Many elements can have an effect on the potential of the unit to locate the fetal heartbeat (i.E., frame fats and blood fl ow can take in acoustic strength). Since pathogens can be gift at the patient’s pores and skin, transmission of these organisms to the transducer head commonly occurs. Use and upkeep User(s): Physicians, obstetric nurses, network midwives Maintenance: Biomedical or scientific engineer/ technician, medical team of workers, manufacturer/servicer Training: Initial education by producer, operator’s manuals, person’s manual Environment of use Settings of use: Obstetrics (clinic, OB/GYN practices), emergency medicinal drug Requirements: Battery, uninterruptible power supply (recharge batteries), appropriate transducer with gel Product specifi cations Approx. Dimensions (mm): a hundred x one hundred fifty x two hundred Approx. Weight (kg): 1 Consumables: Batteries, gel Price variety (USD): 350 – 800 Typical product life time (years): 8 Shelf life (consumables): NA Types and versions Portable, hand-held, tabletop gadgets Fetal Heart Detector, Ultrasonic UMDNS GMDN 11696 Detectors, Fetal Heart, Ultrasonic 35068 Foetal coronary heart detector, ultrasonic Other not unusual names: Ultrasonic stethoscopes; fetal Dopplers; Monitor, heart fee, fetal ultrasonic; Monitor, heart sound, fetal, ultrasonic; monitor, hemic sound, ultrasonic. Http://www.Who.Int/medical_devices/en/index.Html © Copyright ECRI Institute 2011 (no longer together with the GMDN code and tool call). Reproduced with Permission from ECRI Institute’s Healthcare Product Comparison System. © Copyright GMDN Agency 2011. GMDN codes and device names are reproduced with permission from the GMDN Agency. Core medical device – Information Health hassle addressed Electronic fetal tracking (EFM) presents photograph and numeric information on fetal coronary heart price (FHR) and maternal uterine pastime (UA) to help clinicians investigate fetal properly-being before and all through labor

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