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Management Information System

regression line that can be used for checking out the relationship that exists among two

random variables and forecasting respectively. The package additionally takes in table values to

calculate Chi-square assessments, a non-parametric check of statistical significance for bivariate

tabular analysis. Any correctly performed take a look at of statistical significance lets you

know the diploma of self assurance you can have in accepting or rejecting a speculation.



also gives comfy garage of a corporation’s statistics with the aid of making sure that handiest

authorized customers use the machine and presenting backup centers for the facts.


In precis, a actual time report maintaining and analysis system become realized from the examine.

The following principal contributions were made due to the examine:

  1. A linear regression forecasting machine for any quantity of records
  2. An green record retaining system allowing information access, update and deletion,

at the same time as checking the consistency of the information.

  1. Various descriptive and inferential statistics can be generated using the gadget

four. A statistical speculation checking out tool for a given set of pattern information

  1. An computerized file and record generation tool
  2. A database backup facility for the employer’s data

Management data system:

Information System

: Is an open, purposive system that produces data

using the enter /output cycle. A purposive system is a machine that seeks a fixed of related

dreams (

Accoff, Russell

, July 1971). An

facts gadget

consists a fixed of gadgets,

approaches and running structures operating around a criterion to procedure facts and

communicate it to the consumer for making plans, control, choice-making and performance.


: Is a mixture of records systems. It is a

individual to machine system and of relatively integrated records which include capabilities

designed to offer management with a comprehensive photo of precise operations.

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