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Newer computerised meters

Newer computerised meters normally have counter-measures towards tampering. AMR (Automated Meter Reading) meters often have sensors that can report starting of the meter cover, magnetic anomalies, extra clock placing, glued buttons, inverted installation, reversed or switched phases and many others.

Some tampers bypass the meter, completely or in element. Safe tampers of this type generally growth the neutral present day on the meter. Most split-section residential meters within the United States are unable to locate impartial currents. However, contemporary tamper-resistant meters can hit upon and bill it at widespread charges.

Disconnecting a meter’s neutral connector is risky due to the fact shorts can then skip through human beings or equipment in preference to a metallic floor to the generator or earth.

A phantom loop connection through an earth ground is regularly a lot higher resistance than the metal impartial connector. Even if an earth ground is secure, metering at the substation can alert the operator to tampering. Substations, inter-ties, and transformers typically have a excessive-accuracy meter for the vicinity served. Power corporations typically inspect discrepancies among the overall billed and the total generated, in order to discover and attach energy distribution issues. These investigations are an effective approach to discover tampering.

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