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Electronic meters now use low-power radio, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, IrDA, as well as RS-485 stressed link. The meters can now shop the complete usage profiles with time stamps and relay them at a click on of a button. The demand readings stored with the profiles as it should be indicate the burden necessities of the client. This load profile facts is processed on the utilities for billing and making plans functions.

AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) and RMR (Remote Meter Reading) describe numerous systems that permit meters to be checked without the need to send a meter reader out. An electronic meter can transmit its readings via telephone line or radio to a primary billing workplace. Automatic meter studying can be achieved with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) modems, one is attached to each meter and the other is positioned at the imperative software workplace.



Current transformers used as part of metering device for 3-phase400 A electricity deliver. The fourth impartial twine does no longer require a present day transformer due to the fact cutting-edge can’t waft in the impartial without additionally flowing in metered section wires. (Blondel’s theorem)

A commercial strength meter


Electricity meters located out of doors the houses of citizens in a commonplace vicinity, which is obtainable only for the branch personnel and concerned citizens


A Duke Energy technician gets rid of the tamper-proof seal from an electricity meter at a house in Durham, North Carolina

The location of an energy meter varies with each installation. Possible places consist of on a application pole serving the assets, in a road-side cupboard (meter container) or inside the premises adjoining to the purchaser unit / distribution board. Electricity corporations might also decide upon outside places because the meter can be study without gaining access to the premises however external meters can be extra vulnerable to vandalism.

Current transformers allow the meter to be located remotely from the present day-wearing conductors. This is not unusual in large installations. For example, a substation serving a single large purchaser may have metering system established in a cupboard, with out bringing heavy cables into the cabinet.


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