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Property Masters Uganda is Uganda’s leading real estate supplier. The first department


The key aspect of a control records gadget is a database. A


is a

shared collection of logically related facts and an outline of this statistics to meet the

information wishes of an company. A database integrates logically related records with a

minimal amount of duplication.

When the records wishes of control of a real property organisation are analyzed,

they consist of statistics collectively with the residences that describe those statistics. Between

those information also are logical relationships describing institutions between these information.

Property Masters Uganda is a real property corporation that makes a speciality of assets management

via taking an instantaneous role between owners who wish to permit or sell their properties and

clients who need to lease or buy these homes. The company has a number of branches

all around the united states. However, the organization is becoming so huge that an increasing number of

administration personnel is being employed to deal with the ever-increasing quantity of paper


Further greater, the verbal exchange and sharing of data among

departments inside the identical department is negative. The Kampala department manager feels that too

many mistakes are typically made and that reviews produced do not provide management

with the right facts on the grounds that they’re organized manually. Management does not

normally have access to all the facts pertinent to a decision. Consequently, management


should frequently cope with incomplete facts. This is specifically genuine when the information

wished by way of the manager to make your mind up is an excessive amount of and the supervisor can not look at

each item of the information. Management consequently requires statistical laptop programs

designed in keeping with belongings management to enhance the capability to make activate

statistical analyses and summarize facts in help of proper management choice-


1.1 Background:


workplace of the enterprise changed into opened in Kampala in 19… Since then, the corporation has

step by step grown and now has 12 branches inside the important towns of the us of a. The company

is now so massive that increasingly team of workers is being employed to address the growing

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