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The true estate market has long worked on a easy system: if you wish to purchase a brand new apartment, promote the historical one and use the fairness for a down fee.

But the final few years of low possession charges and rising rents have some move-up shoppers making an attempt a new approach: buy the brand new apartment. Maintain the historic one. And employ it out.

Actual estate firm Redfin recently requested 1,900 prospective home shoppers nationwide what they planned to do with their historical condominium when they bought a new one. As you’ll anticipate, the bulk said they would sell. However 39% said they’d rent it out. In Western markets like los angeles which have visible tremendous rate progress today, the percentage was even better.

“We most likely didn’t assume that,” said Ellen Haberle, Redfin’s actual property economist and the survey’s writer.

It’s the primary time that Redfin has carried out this form of be trained. But real property agents and property managers say they’re seeing the equal thing: a noticeable uptick within the number of house patrons who want to employ out their old place.

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