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REMIS system has modules that offer

This is a documentation of the computerized method to enhance record maintaining and

control selection-making practices of a actual property enterprise via using statistical

summary facts evaluation and inference. The device turned into designed to enhance at the

performance of this kind of organization’s management via easy and brief get entry to to all data.

The pc package deal is named


. The


gear to research records and make inferences about the information for control decision-



additionally presents a centralized management of a company’s statistics by using storing it in a

database system wherein the records is managed by way of the database management gadget and all

get admission to to the records is through the database control gadget presenting a key to

effective data processing. This also reduces redundancies, making information control

more efficient.

The gadget takes in sample/populace records and calculates descriptive data like

mean, variance, preferred deviation, coefficient of variant, and the imply absolute

deviation. This facilitates keep away from the viable human mistakes of computing statistics thereby

becoming dependable.

The device additionally takes in sample bivariate values for random variables and makes

calculations for the Pearson product second linear correlation coefficient and the linear

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